1622611_690471760989686_1964361450_nFor over 25 years I had the honor of working for 2 of Little Rock’s premiere radio stations. But let’s face the facts, there isn’t a whole lot of variety on the FM dial. A radio personality uses the term “On The Beach” when referring to the fact that he is currently not affiliated with any radio station at the moment. I decided that in the words of Neil Young, Def Leppard or (whoever said this before they did), that it was “better to burn out than to fade away”. So I built my dream radio station, RadioSharpe.com!

I am of the belief that if the song was good once upon a time, it’s good now. So I am proud to say I have over 1700 songs in my playlist.

Now I understand it takes a lot more effort to log on and listen to an online station. That’s why I promise to go the extra mile for my listeners. As in NO COMMERCIALS! I may send some love out to a stream sponsor, (because at the moment I am personally financing this thing), but all in all you will not hear long winded commercial breaks. What you will hear is the BEST VARIETY of Rock N Roll! No FM Station can legally play all that I play. When you hear “Who Are You” by The Who, it’s UNCENSORED! When you hear “Money” by Pink Floyd, it’s UNCENSORED! It’s the freedom to play the songs as they were originally recorded that keeps me motivated to make sure this station stays alive. And as long as the listeners are there RadioSharpe will be right here. So I encourage you to please tell your friends about this station and like us on Facebook!

I have been blessed with some of the most awesome friends and fans and I will try really hard not to screw this up and get fired again. Wait, I’m the boss now!

Best wishes and thanks for your continued support!

-Sharpe Dunaway
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